Our Mission

Deliver knowledge and business strategies that guide and elevate the engineering industry.

  • Identify, fund and provide industry wide research, forecasts, and trend analysis.
  • Capitalize on the rapidly changing nature of technology and society to ensure a sustainable engineering industry.
  • Promote the engineering profession’s essential value to society.
  • Inspire future generations to solve the world’s most challenging problems through engineering.

Introduction to ACEC Research Institute

Board of Directors

  • John L. Carrato
    John L. Carrato
    Chairman of the Board
    Alfred Benesch & Company
  • Michael J. Carragher, PE
    Michael J. Carragher, PE
    Vice Chair
    Chair and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Corkery
    Mike Corkery
    President & CEO
  • Daphne Bryant
    Daphne Bryant
    Executive Director
    ACEC Research Institute
  • Joseph A. Fiordaliso
    Joseph A. Fiordaliso
    Board Member
    ACEC New Jersey
  • Linda Bauer Darr
    Linda Bauer Darr
    Board Member
    President & CEO
    ACEC National
  • Steven Lefton
    Steven Lefton
    Board Member
    President & CEO
    Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Gary W. Raba
    Dr. Gary W. Raba
    Board Member
    Chief Growth Officer
    Raba Kistner, Inc.
  • Nicolas Mangon
    Nicolas Mangon
    Board Member
    Global Vice President, AEC Business
    Strategy and Marketing
    Autodesk, Inc.
  • Gayle Packer
    Gayle Packer
    Board Member
    Chair, President, and CEO
    Terracon Consultants, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Stolfus
    Elizabeth Stolfus
    Board Member
    Stolfus & Associates, Inc.
  • Charles J. Gozdziewski
    Charles J. Gozdziewski
    Board Member
    Chairman Emeritus
    Hardesty & Hanover