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The Future of Engineering Roundtable Series

The post COVID-19 world is creating new market forces. To survive and prosper in such a dynamic and turbulent environment, engineering firms need to think more far reaching and create a smart future.

The ACEC Research Institute developed a series of roundtable discussions with leading experts to explore intelligent solutions to tackle major financial obstacles, seek more proactive approaches to predict uncertain future, and pursue strategies to remove barriers to create that future.

We can’t avoid the financial impact that the economy will have on key markets. And, if we aren’t thinking beyond survival and focusing on the future of funding now then we will be left behind. This roundtable tackles these tough financial issues so engineering firms are better equipped to anticipate the forces that will affect their prospects and position themselves to take maximum advantage of market direction. Panelists dove into the impact of the federal deficit, recessionary challenges, and new funding mechanisms that are needed to build the future.

Click here to view the Funding in the New Normal roundtable.

Additional Funding in the New Normal resources:
Press release: Economic Panel Predicts Slow Recovery for Many Engineering Markets after COVID-19
Podcast: The Future of Funding and Mobility as a Service with David Zipper 
Additional Insights: As the Recession Lengthens, Are Public Agencies Going to be able to Continue to Fund Infrastructure Projects? 

Panelists included:
• Rosemarie Andolino, Former Chairman of MAG USA and CEO of International Development, Manchester Airport Group
• Anirban Basu, Chairman and CEO, Sage Policy Group
• Jeff Davis, Senior Fellow, Eno Center for Transportation
• David Zipper, Visiting Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School’s Taubman Center for State and Local Government
• Moderator: Joseph Bates, ACEC Research Institute


Uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has inspired much speculation about the impact of technology on engineering, the speed of design, as well as its effect on firm’s workforce and culture.

Panelists explored these issues and more including the interconnectivity of systems, impact of A.I. and machine learning, simulations and even technology that facilitates firm culture and collaboration.

Click here to view The Impact of Technology on Engineering roundtable.

Additional The Impact of Technology on Engineering resources:
Press Release: Engineering Futurists See Greater Adoption of Technology, Need for More Talent, Heightened Respect for Infrastructure
Podcast: Engineering Influence Podcast Features Conversation with Futurist Chris Luebkeman
Additional Insights: Engineering Tech: What’s Real and What’s to Come?;   6 Things to Think About: Technology and Engineering

Panelists Included:
• Jose Luis Blanco, Partner, McKinsey & Company
• Mike Haley, Vice President of Research, Autodesk, Inc.
• Chris Luebkeman, Director for Strategic Foresight, Office of the President, ETH Zurich
• Heather Wishart-Smith, SVP Technology and Innovation, Jacobs
• Moderator: Joseph Bates, ACEC Research Institute

The world today is full of extraordinary volatility, yet the engineering industry has risen to the challenge. Uniquely positioned at the forefront of designing buildings for work and home – engineers are solving for the new normal and exploring what is needed for commercial, high-rise, healthcare, and mixed-use buildings of the future. How do we design them? How do we rehab or retrofit them? What is really needed for the future when designing work and living spaces in this new paradigm. Join this exciting panel discussion that explores the future of the buildings we live and work in.

Click here to view “The Buildings We Live and Work In” roundtable click here. 

Additional The Buildings We Live and Work In resources:
Press Release:
Engineering Panel Says Buildings Must Adapt for Greater Normal Occupant Safety; Believe Significant Remote Working Here to Stay
Additional Insights: The COVID Effect on The Buildings Where We Live and Work; Four Things: How COVID-19 Will Change the Built Environment

Panelists Included:
• Dino DeFeo, Managing Partner, AKF
• Peter DiMaggio, Co-CEO, Thornton Tomasetti
• Arathi Gowda, Associate Director, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
• Kate Wittels, Partner, HR&A Advisors
• Moderator: Joseph Bates, ACEC Research Institute