The ACEC Research Institute conducts research initiatives beneficial to the entire engineering industry. Our research allow engineering professionals to stay up-to-date on trends and topics that shape the industry and leverage that knowledge to help them be more effective in their roles.

This landmark study examines design-build (DB) project delivery and challenges which impact the success and harmony of the DB team and could ultimately affect the success of the project. The report highlights recommendations for engineering firms participating on DB teams, as well as owners around issues such as risk transfer, insurance requirements, and relationship building among designers, constructors and owners to promote project harmony.

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ACEC Research Institute commissioned a series of studies – the Industry Impact Series – to profile and analyze performance in the Engineering and Design Services Industry (A/E Services) to describe, measure, and demonstrate the indispensable partnership between engineering, architects, and other design services to deliver the built environment of the United States.

2023 Economic Assessment of the Engineering and Design Services Industry
2023 Engineering Economic Business Sentiment – Q1, O2, Q3, Q4
2022 Engineering Economic Business Sentiment – Q1, Q2, Q3,Q4
2021 Q4 Engineering Business Sentiment
2021 Economic Assessment of the Engineering & Design Services Industry
2021-2025 Engineering Forecast
2020 Economic Contribution
2020 Engineering Industry Profile

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The new updated Analysis of QBS in the Procurement of Engineering Services by the ACEC Research Institute finds that QBS provides direct benefits in both the design and construction phases of a wide variety of public and private sector projects. From direct cost and schedule benefits to indirect benefits of reduced management issues and increased innovation, QBS demonstrates a clear benefit when applied across a host of project types, sizes, and geographic regions.

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The ACEC Research Institute commissioned this study to better understand the technological landscape in the Engineering and Design Services industry in the US, how various tools were being used, and the value that they provide for various A/E Firms across the industry.

The Role of Technology in Engineering & Design Services

FMI partnered with ACEC Research Institute to survey ACEC member firms around key ownership transfer and management succession (OTMS) trends. The goal of this project was to shed light on how architecture and engineering (A&E) firms prepare to transition both ownership and management in comparison to peer companies across the A&E landscape. Our findings paint a mixed picture of how companies of all sizes are tackling ownership transition and developing and preparing their future leaders.

2020 ACEC Research Institute/FMI Ownership Transfer and Management Succession Survey